Sentence Examples with the word flood

There is usually a short dry season on the upper Amazon in January and February, which causes two annual floods - that of November - December, and the great flood of March - June.

Forty years before his visit a flood is said to have occurred, which passed down the river till it was blocked by sand-drifts at Thuwerat, 50 m.

Basins, dams andbarrages, the Nile flood is now utilized to a greater extent than ever before (see IRRIGATION: Egypt).

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It belongs entirely to the lowlands, and is very crooked, has a slow current and divides much into canos and strings of lagoons which flood the flat, low areas of country on either side.

After the flood subsided God made a covenant with Noah permitting the use of animal food, on condition that the flesh is not eaten with the blood; and forbidding homicide (ix.

During the visit Ut-Napishtim tells Gilgamesh the story of the flood and of his miraculous escape.

Carmen felt warmth flood her face.

The warmth returned to his eyes, chasing a flood of heat up her throat.

In area, enclosed by bluffs one or two hundred feet high in the northern part, generally decreasing to the southward, but with local increase of height associated with a decrease in flood plain breadth on the eastern side where the Grand Gulf cuesta is traversed.

A few large streams enter the lower Apure from the south, but they are frequently entangled in lateral canals, due to the slight elevation of the plains above sea-level, the waters of the Apure, especially during flood time, having opened a great number of canos before reaching the Orinoco.