Sentence Examples with the word flimsy

The rupture, therefore, took place in the middle of May; and on a flimsy pretext the First Consul ordered the detention in France of all English persons.

Pp. 3 6 9, 37 o) corroborates Hardyng to some extent; for we are told that John of Gaunt had once desired in parliament that his son should 'be recognized on this flimsy plea as heir to the crown; and when Roger Mortimer, earl of March, denied the story and insisted on his own claim as descended from Lionel, duke of Clarence, Richard imposed silence on both parties.

But the moderation of the treaty was only a flimsy disguise of the disgrace that it involved.

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Tired and conflicted, she lay back on the bed, taking great satisfaction out of a real bed after the few days on the flimsy bed at the Sanctuary.

She wrote a little piece which Comte rated so pre- v posterously as to talk about George Sand in the same sentence; it is in truth a flimsy performance, though it contains one or two gracious thoughts.

The flimsy structure of Spanish Liberalism.

Snow crunched under her feet and quickly soaked her flimsy slippers.

Owing to the flimsy construction of its buildings Guayaquil has been repeatedly burned, the greater fires occurring in 1707, 1764, 1865, 1896 and 1899.

The psychological metaphysics of Cousin and of Janet was, however, too flimsy a realism to withstand its passage into this very idealism of matter which has become the dominant French metaphysics.

Of Gustavus Adolphus's two immediate successors, Christina' and Charles X., shook the flimsy fabric of his empire to its very base.