Sentence Examples with the word flighty

There was a point beyond which it was unwise to provoke the baronage or the commons, and, unlike his flighty and thriftless father, he knew where that point came.

The diplomatic intrigue failed, largely through the flighty intervention of the princess of AnhaltZerbst, a clever but very injudicious woman.

But the flighty and ignorant szlachta not only were incapable of any sustained political action, but they themselves unconsciously played into the hands of the enemies of their country by making the so-called liberum veto an integral part of the Polish constitution.

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Of Castile by a typical piece of flighty oriental barbarity.

Her foreign policy was flighty to the verge of foolishness.

But he early taught his son to read, and seems to have laid the foundation of the flighty sentimentalism in morals and politics which Rousseau afterwards illustrated with his genius.