Sentence Examples with the word flightless

Reduced.) Bering Island, Phalacrocorax perspicillatus; and how long will the flightless cormorant, Ph.

Starting with the kiwi and cassowary, people have got into the habit of confounding flightless with wingless conditions.

Zealand parrot, Stringops, less in various flightless rails, in the dodo and solitaire.

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They have spread widely, and have not confined their depredations to the rabbits, so that the indigenous flightless birds have suffered largely.

New Zealand has also yielded many flightless birds, notably the numerous species and genera of Dinornithidae, some of which survived into the 19th century (see M0A); Pseudapteryx allied to the Kiwi; Cnemiornis, a big, flightless goose; Aptornis and Notornis, flightless rails; and Harpagornis, a truly gigantic bird of prey with tremendous wings and talons.

Birds which are originally immigrants from North America: Podicipedidae, with the flightless Centropelma on Lake Titicaca;.

This genus was already typically developed in late Miocene times, and with a very wide geographical distribution (see Bird, Fossil), but of the affinities of the other midand early tertiary flightless birds we know nothing, and it must be emphasized that we should probably not be able to classify a truly ancestral Ratite, namely, a bird which is still to a certain extent carinate and not yet ratite.

A large flightless goose, Cnemiornis, allied to the Australian Cereopsis, and the gigantic rapacious Harpagornis, have died out recently, with the moas.