Sentence Examples with the word flight

No one did, because the Mangaboos did not wear hats, and Zeb had lost his, somehow, in his flight through the air.

At first he had lauded a constitutional monarchy; but the flight of Louis XVI.

There was a flight of steps ascending to these doors, and beyond were two smaller doors encrusted with jewels - the rubies were particularly fine.

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Far more singular was the celebration at Beauvais, which was held on the 14th of January, and represented the flight into Egypt.

After six months a breach was made in the city, Zedekiah's flight was cut off in the Jordan Valley and he was taken to Nebuchadrezzar at Riblah.

Efficient Rita, in spite of it being Saturday, arranged for a return flight north with reservations for early afternoon.

He resigned office on the proclamation of the republic after the flight of the pope to Gaeta in 1849, resumed it for a while when Pius returned to Rome with the protection of French arms, but when a reactionary and priestly policy was instituted, he went into exile and took up his residence at Turin.

Thus, if the time of flight of a shell is 5 sec., the height of the vertex of the trajectory is about loo ft.; and if the fuse is set to burst the shell one-tenth of a second short of its impact at B, the height of the burst is 7.84, say 8 ft.

It is explained elsewhere (see Rome: History, Ancient) that Caesar's power was exercised under the form of the dictatorship. In the first instance (autumn of 49 B.C.) this was conferred upon him as the only solution of the constitutional deadlock created by the flight of the magistrates and senate, in order that elections (including that of Caesar himself to the consulship) might be held in due course.

She was literally at the end of her rope, so flight into the woods was unwise.