Sentence Examples with the word fletcher

At first Dean didn't recognize the name but then remembered Fletcher Brunel as being the missing Norfolk employee of World Wide, one of the last people to speak with Jeffrey Byrne the day he disappeared.

Its style is mainly Early English, and among those buried here are Gower, Fletcher and Massinger, the poets, and Edmund, brother of William Shakespeare.

JOHN WILLIAM FLETCHER (1729-1785), English divine, was born at Nyon in Switzerland on the 12th of September 1729, his original name being DE LA Flechire.

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McIntyre (ed.), Writings and Speeches of Daniel Webster (18 vols., Boston, 1903); Fletcher Webster (ed.), Daniel Webster's Private Correspondence (2 vols., Boston, 1857); H.

His fame was not confined to his own country, for it is said that Voltaire, when challenged to produce a character as perfect as that of Christ, at once mentioned Fletcher of Madeley.

The Fletcher free public library (47,000 volumes in 1908) is housed in a Carnegie building.

Any celebratory drinks with departing Fletcher Brunell had occurred earlier and elsewhere.

ALICE CUNNINGHAM FLETCHER (1845-), American ethnologist, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1845.

It is necessary above all to consider the relation of a people's years of growth and ferment to the song which represents them; for in the strains of Whittier, more than in those of any other 19th-century lyrist, the saying of Fletcher of Saltoun as to the ballads and laws of a nation finds a historic illustration.

Thomas Fletcher was acting governor from the 4th to the 15th of November 1862.