Sentence Examples with the word fleming

The collected edition of St Columban's writings was published by Patrick Fleming in his Collectanea sacra Hiberni (Louvain, 1667), and reproduced by Migne, p. 4, vol.

Such an oscillation valve was first used by Fleming as a receiver for wireless telegraph purposes in 1904 as follows: - In between the receiving antenna and the earth is placed the primary coil of an oscillation transformer; the secondary circuit of this transformer contains a galvanometer in series with it, and the two together are joined between the external negative terminal of the carbon filament of the above-described lamp and the insulated platinum plate.

Francis P. Fleming Henry L.

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The applicability of the law to cobalt has been investigated by Fleming (Phil.

In 1427 Fleming obtained the royal licence empowering him to found a college at Oxford.

A few years afterwards, a Fleming named Rubruquis was sent on a similar mission, and had the merit of being the first traveller of this era who gave a correct account of the Caspian Sea.

CHESTER The important palatine earldom of Chester was first held by a certain Fleming named Gherbod (fl.

Then came Alexander Fleming and his penicillin, saving millions of lives.

In 1885 he was married to Miss Sarah Fleming of Chattanooga, who died in 1912.

We May Perhaps Except The Able Though Thoroughly Partisan Writings Of Sir John Beverley Robinson And Bishop Strachan On The One Side, And Robert Fleming Gourlay And William Lyon Mackenzie On The Other.