Sentence Examples with the word fleeting

They tell me of California and Texas, of England and the Indies, of the Hon. Mr.----of Georgia or of Massachusetts, all transient and fleeting phenomena, till I am ready to leap from their court-yard like the Mameluke bey.

Here is an example: Momiji-ha wo Kaze ni makasete More fleeting than the glint of Miru yori mo -withered leaf wind-blown, the Hakanaki mono wa thing called life.

Both looked at her, fleeting amusement on Gabriel's face but Rhyn's gaze flaring.

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In Ireland the Culdees of Armagh endured until the dissolution in 1541, and enjoyed a fleeting resurrection in 1627, soon after which their ancient property passed to the vicars choral of the cathedral.

She followed the vamp's fleeting directions.

Images flowed behind her eyelids, most too fleeting to catch.

He takes part, fruitlessly, in the Grail quest, only being vouchsafed a fleeting glimpse of the sacred Vessel, which, however, is sufficient to cast him into unconsciousness, in which he remains for as many days as he has spent years in sin.

After a solid hour of the child crying, I wondered if the mother read about the abandoned child, perhaps with a fleeting hint of sympathy.

There is nothing more beautiful, I think, than the evanescent fleeting images and sentiments presented by a language one is just becoming familiar with--ideas that flit across the mental sky, shaped and tinted by capricious fancy.

For the naturalist they have the recommendation that many are easy to obtain, that most, apart from the very minute, are easy to handle, and that all, except as to the fleeting colours, are easy to preserve.