Sentence Examples with the word flattery

If not written at the command of Justinian (as some have supposed), it is evidently grounded on official information, and is full of gross flattery of the emperor and of the (then deceased) empress.

This agrees with the character for flattery which the minister seems to have enjoyed.

By this time O'Connell had attained a position of great eminence in the House of Commons: as a debater he stood in the very first rank, though he had entered St Stephen's after fifty; and his oratory, massive and strong in argument, although too often scurrilous and coarse, and marred by a bearing in which cringing flattery and rude bullying were strangely blended, made a powerful, if not a pleasing, impression.

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It may even be suspected that anecdotes in praise of Peisistratus and Hipparchus were a delicate form of flattery addressed to the reigning Ptolemy.

All the vices - perfidy, avarice, debauchery, ambition, flattery - fought within him for the mastery.

Awkward interruption of that happy arrangement which made men subservient to flattery and money.

Their ambition is to rank as a civilized state, and the flattery lavished on them by their teachers has spoiled them.

In 32 he was summoned by Tiberius to Capreae, and by skilful flattery managed to escape the fate of his relatives.

His tastes were of the simplest; and while scholars like Filelfo were intent on extracting money from their patrons by flattery and threats, he remained so poor that he owed the publication of all his many works to private munificence.

Thus obliged to assume the unpleasant role of tutor when delicate flattery was often most needful, the minister lectured and cajoled his master, always, until towards the last, giving credit to the king for his own successes, and overawing opposition by his imperious presence even when Louis was dabbling in plots against him (as in the case of Cinq Mars) behind his back.