Sentence Examples with the word flats

Though the cathedral crowns the hillock round which clusters the old part of the town, a large portion of the newer town is built on the alluvial flats on either bank of the Rhone.

The marshes extend along the Swale to Whitstable, whence stretches a low line of clay and sandstone cliffs towards the Isle of Thanet, when they become lofty and grand, extending round the Foreland southward to Pegwell Bay, The coast from Sheppey round to the South Foreland is skirted by numerous flats and sands, the most extensive of which are the Goodwin Sands off Deal.

In the dry season, the autumn and winter, on the other hand, there is danger of grounding on the constantly shifting flats and shoals.

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This central desert is the Kir, Kej, Katz or Kash Kaian of Arabic medieval geography and a part of the ancient Kaiani kingdom; the prefix Kej or Kach always denoting lowlevel flats or valleys, in contradistinction to mountains or hills.

The former constructs its tunnels in the sandy flats near the shore at the Cape, but the latter generally frequent higher ground.

The drainage of the Bolan and Nari finally disappears in the irrigated flats of the alluvial bay (Kach Gandava), which extends 130 m.

It grows only to a length of 10 in., and is not uncommon in the flats of South and West Australia.

As in most continental towns, the custom of living in flats is prevalent in Vienna, where few except the richer nobles occupy an entire house.

In March flower seeds and vegetable seeds may be sown in boxes or flats in the greenhouse, or in residence windows, or near the kitchen stove.

These hills consist of a broken range of sandstone and conglomerate dividing the Bannu plain from the cultivated flats of Dera Ismail Khan.