Sentence Examples with the word flatness

The error of flatness of the joints from a straight line and a true square is but thth in.

The flatness of faces of stone or rock (both granite and limestone) was tested by placing a true-plane trial plate, smeared with red ochre, against the dressed surface, as in modern engineer.

When the fibres were far apart at the top a similar flatness was obtained in the curve with the quadrants about i mm.

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The explanation is to be found in the extreme flatness of the country and the absence of trees or vegetation.

The flatness impedes drainage which results in the compost staying too wet.

Above sea-level, the general flatness being only broken by a small chain of hills, running in a north-westerly direction between Amraoti and Chandor, with an average height from 400 to 500 ft.

The qualities, too have to be considered - the fulness of one, the flatness of the other, or the coarseness or fineness of the furs.

The exteriors of the north Italian Gothic churches are characterized by the flatness of the roof; the treatment of the west facade as a mere screen wall, masking the true lines of the aisle roofs; the great circular window in the west front for lighting the nave; the absence of pinnacles owing to the unimportance of the buttresses; the west-end porches with columns resting on lions or other animals.

In or near Iioo B.C., Chou Kung, an able mathematician, determined with surprising accuracy the obliquity of the ecliptic; but his attempts to estimate the sun's distance failed hopelessly as being grounded on belief in the flatness of the earth.