Sentence Examples with the word flatly

Priestley, and Canton continued the investigation, but it was reserved for the Abbe flatly to throw a clear light on this curious branch of the science (Traite de mineralogie, 1801).

When after the fall of Liege in 1914 von Jagow handed to Mr. Gerard, the American ambassador in Berlin, the note to Belgium, offering full reparation for damages, in case free passage to France were granted German troops, Van Dyke flatly refused to act as intermediary.

On the other hand, Katie had flatly refused to provide some information because she said Alex wouldn't want her to tell.

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The belief that the torrent, almost dry except after rains, which flows by Caravan bridge, is the ancient Meles, flatly contradicts the ancient descriptions.

It was a beautiful, bounteous, blue day; the spangled sea calm and cool, and flatly stretching away, all round, to the horizon, like gold-beater's skin hammered out to the extremest.

For a certain class of citizens to be condemned, by virtue of their birth, to political disfranchisement is as flatly against every principle of democracy as for a certain class of citizens to enjoy exclusive rights by reason of birth.

Castelar knew too well what such offers meant in the classic land of pronunciamientos, and he refused so flatly that Pavia did not renew his advice.

Diogenes of Seleucia is said to have wavered in his belief at last; Boethus, one of his pupils, flatly denied it.

The latest type of tomb is a flatly vaulted chamber approached by a horizontal or slightly inclined way, whose sides converge above.

The days when she was the Christian Church are past: and now the civic rights of a man in a modern state are not curtailed, though he may neglect his duty to the Church or flatly refuse to acknowledge the existence of any such duty.