Sentence Examples with the word flashlight

He waved his flashlight in an arc above his head and repeated the two words, a quake in his voice.

There was no light in the back of the house and I didn't have a flashlight so I had trouble getting the key in the lock.

His glaring spotlight of a flashlight blinded her as he walked to the driver's door, and she held her hand up.

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A flashlight blinded her.

We tried to make the flashlight work but it was as dead as the skeleton guy.

Placing the flashlight on Brutus, she grabbed the sack with both hands and tugged.

I cursed myself for not bringing a flashlight as I felt around the walls for a light switch.

Then she heard his footsteps coming into the kitchen and saw the bobbing flashlight as he opened the back door.

I went out on the porch and turned the flashlight on the spot, but I didn't see anyone.

He was climbing now, hand over hand, over a mass of boulders, his flashlight re-hooked to his waist.