Sentence Examples with the word flashing

There they lay in their triangular oaken vaults, each mariner a chiselled muteness; a score of lamps flashing upon his hooded eyes.

She looked from the computer screen to the phone with the flashing red light.

Secondly, lie simulated thunder and lightning, the latter by flashing in Zeno's eyes an intolerable light from a slightly hollowed mirror.

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The flashing cascade of his mane, the curving comet of his tail, invested him with housings more resplendent than gold and silver-beaters could have furnished him.

A flush crawled up his neck, across his face and hid behind flashing dark eyes.

She looked up, fear and anger flashing through her.

She backed away slowly, flashing the light on the forms, and then ducked into the barn, grabbing a feed sack she remembered throwing beside the barn door.

His woman hurried forward to the hall but stopped in front of him, her intelligent eyes flashing with anger.

The smoke of the guns mingled with this mist, and over the whole expanse and through that mist the rays of the morning sun were reflected, flashing back like lightning from the water, from the dew, and from the bayonets of the troops crowded together by the riverbanks and in Borodino.

The ramifications were disturbing; my mind a myriad of flashing light and churning thoughts.