Sentence Examples with the word flare

They were surrounded by silver that seemed to flare and swirl as Jessi watched.

A flare of something went through his gaze.

In the very swift-running furnaces of the Pittsburg type this outward flare of the boshes ceases at about 12 ft.

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A hood went over her head, and she was flung across someone's shoulder hard enough to make her ribs flare with pain.

The flare in her eyes drew him, promised of passionate depths.

A flare of interest was in Darkyn's black gaze, one that made her realize he wasn't leaving until he was finished with her.

The quiet command was accompanied by a flare of warmth and strength within her.

I told Betsy about the flare up between Quinn and Martha before Quinn decided to go to Santa Barbara alone.

Lana grew uneasy and watched the sky flare with rocket and laser fire from the battle at the Peak.

He kissed her hard and deep, his intensity making her hunger for him flare even as she tried to suppress it.