Sentence Examples with the word flannel

In 1895 almost a million persons (half of them women) were employed in this branch of industry, and in 1897 the value of the cloth, buckskin and flannel manufacture was estimated at 18,000,000.

Then I began to pity myself, and I saw that it would be a greater charity to bestow on me a flannel shirt than a whole slop-shop on him.

Llanidloes has a trade in Plinlimmon slates and minerals besides flannel and wool manufactures.

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I'm a flannel kind of guy.

The wool of the sheep is manufactured into flannel at numberless factories in the various country towns, and the supply meets an important local demand.

Her eyes were red, her red hair wet and disheveled, and she wore a flannel bathrobe and was barefoot.

Bare to the waist, Dean trembled in the cool mountain air until someone tossed him an old flannel shirt that smelled of sweat and cigarettes.

The culture of silk, flax, grapes (for wine-making) and fruits and cereals in general, and the manufacture of flour and of woollen, flannel and cotton fabrics, were carried on under a rule requiring every adult to labour 12 or 14 hours each day in field or mill.

The rule of treatment in all cases of threatened mortification is to keep the part warm by flannel or cotton-wool, but to avoid all methods which unduly hurry the returning circulation.

She glanced down at the long flannel nightgown.