Sentence Examples with the word flange

Subsequently, to increase the strength, a similar flange was added below the rail.

The top flange consisted of cast iron hollow castings butted end to end, and the struts were of cast iron.

Where the width of the flange is considerable it is first covered with metal lath secured to the under side of the floor masonry.

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The slowest speed is given by means of a tangent screw which is carried by a ball-bearing on the flange of the telescope sleeve, whilst its nut is double-jointed to a ring that encircles the flange of the heliometer-tube.

And the Vignoles or flange rail.

Then the flange was removed from one and the beats were again counted.

Along each side of the body stretches a horizontal fin and a similar flange surrounds the tail.

To this adapter is attached a flat circular flange h.

They agree, for instance, with that family in the presence of a descending flange at the hinder end of each side of the lower jaw; but their dentition is of a more generalized type, comprising the full series of 44 teeth, among which the incisors and canines are of normal form, but specially enlarged, and developing roots in the usual manner.

A side wind causes excessive flange friction on the leeward side of the train, and increases the tractive resistances therefore very considerably, even though its velocity be relatively moderate.