Sentence Examples with the word flagship

It is governed by a naval captain borne on the books of the flagship of the admiral superintendent at Gibraltar.

Forced to take refuge on the British flagship in the Tagus.

The galleys of the Order of Malta, which were stationed at this point, suffered severely, and their flagship was taken with great slaughter.

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Spragge, whose second flagship was shattered by the Dutch fire, was on his way to a third, his boat was sunk by a cannon shot and he was drowned.

The commander of the force of fifty small vessels and eight fireships sent to assail the Turkish fleet was the navarch Miaoulis, but it was Kanaris who executed the attack with the fireships on the flagship of the Capitan Pasha on the night of the 18th of June 1822.

The admiral's flagship is stationed here.

Tattnall's flagship the Toeywan had grounded shortly before, and had been helped off by the British squadron.

Garibaldi went on board the British flagship to confer with the Neapolitan generals Letizia and Chretien; Letizia's proposal that the municipality should make a humble petition to the king was indignantly rejected by Garibaldi, who merely agreed to the extension of the armistice until next day.

Opdam's flagship was blown up and he perished.

The fire reached the powder and the flagship blew up, sending the Capitan Pasha and 2000 Turks into the air.