Sentence Examples with the word fl

And a deviation da of rotation about an Fl G.

Ti Recently, Warmingi (1909: 136), assisted by VahI, has, odified his earlier classification, and adopted the following: fl A.

The line FL perpendicular to the axis, G D and passing through the focus, is the semilatus rectum, the latus rectum being the focal chord parallel to the directrix.

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The curved surfaces take the place of fl e the lens in fig.

Returning to the blissful results of this SLKacoc1uv fl revealed in Jesus Christ (v.

It is true matter can never be completely resolved into motion, but the irreducible remainder may be treated like the 7rpc.)T fl van of Aristotle as an abstraction which we asymptotically approach but never reach.

In the great Gortyn inscription from Crete and occasionally in Thera, Fl (in Crete in:the form c) and K are used alone for 4 and x, just as conversely even in the 5th century the name of Themistocles has been found upon an ostrakon spelt 6e t eca00100)3.