Sentence Examples with the word fjord

In 1916 Ekblaw crossed Ellesmere Land from Cape Sabine to Bay Fjord and, passing by Nansen Sound, Greely Fjord and Lake Hazen, reached Fort Conger, Greely's former station on Robeson Channel.

The only other town of importance is the old cathedral city of Roskilde on the fjord of that name.

Nathorst explored the land between Franz Josef Fjord and Scoresby Fjord, where the large King Oscar Fjord, connecting Davy's Sound with Franz Joseph Fjord, was discovered.

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De Quervain made a successful journey across the southern part of the ice-cap, travelling with the help of dog sledges from Torsukatak Fjord on Disco Bay to Angmagsalik in about 30 days.

In March 1914 MacMillan and Green crossed Smith Sound on the ice, traversed Ellesmere Land, and, passing by Bay Fjord and Nansen Sound, reached Cape Thomas Hubbard.

S.S.E.), besides executing a considerable portion of the preliminary works for the continuation of the line on the Norwegian side from Ofoten Fjord upwards (see Narvik).

Nyborg on the east is the port for the steam-ferry to Korsor in Zealand; Svendborg picturesquely overlooks the southern archipelago; Faaborg on the south-west lies on a fjord of the same name; Assens, on the west, a port for the crossing of the Little Belt into Schleswig, still shows traces of the fortifications which were stormed by John of Ranzau in 1 535; Middelfart is a seaside resort near the narrowest reach of the Little Belt; Bogense is a small port on the north coast.

CHRISTIANSAND (KRISTIANSAND), a fortified seaport of Norway, the chief town of a diocese (stilt), on a fjord of the Skagerrack, 175 m.

On the south this gulf is backed by the conjoined peninsulas of Busachi and Manghishlak, into which penetrates the long, narrow, curving bay or fjord of Kaidak or Kara-su.

N.) with the main line of railway from Stockholm to Gellivara and Narvik on Ofoten Fjord in Norway.