Sentence Examples with the word fixing

Meanwhile, in 1899, negotiations with the British government led to agreements defining the status of British subjects in Siam, and fixing the frontier between southern Siam and the British Malay States, while in 1900 the provisions of Sir J.

Foi example, there is a well-known mechanism corresponding to th fixing of three of the four links of the slider crank chain (fig.

Amending statutes of succeeding years added to the commissioners' powers of fixing fair rents and cancelling arrears, the power of enlarging crofts and common grazings.

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Painful as were the circumstances connected with this rebellion, it is certain that the united action of the different provinces in suppressing it tended to consolidate Canadian sentiment, and the short military campaign had the effect of fixing public attention upon the immense fertile territory then being opened up.

Mom is fixing supper and I'm sure she has something you can wear in the morning.

The Code also regulated the liquor traffic, fixing a fair price for beer and forbidding the connivance of the tavern-keeper (a female!) at disorderly conduct or treasonable assembly, under pain of death.

Since the defeat of the khalifa at Omdurman and the fixing (1899) of the Egyptian frontier farther south, the military value of Assuan has declined.

Dean wandered back to the kitchen, where his wife was fixing supper.

In certain types living on clamp soil, the rhizoids penetrate the substratum, and in addition to fixing the plant absorb food substances (dissolved salts) from the substratum (fig.

These are probably important in checking overgrowth by encrusting organisms, and in particular by preventing larvae from fixing on the zoarium.