Sentence Examples with the word fix

Papyrus and many dated inscriptions fix the succession and length of reign of the eight kings very accurately; The troubled times that the kingdom had passed through taught the long-lived monarchs the precaution of associating a competent successor on the throne.

The impact stresses depend so much on local conditions that it is difficult to fix what allowance should be made.

I'd have done it for you, and you wouldn't have to fix me a fancy breakfast either.

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Yet it is in the detail of his logical investigations, something too volatile to fix in summary, that Lotze's greatness as a logician more especially lies.

The history of the dynasty of the Danishmand is still very obscure, notwithstanding the efforts of Mordtmann, Schlumberger, Karabacek, Sallet and others to fix some chronological details, and it is almost impossible to harmonize the different statements of the Armenian, Syriac, Greek and Western chronicles with those of the Arabic, Persian and Turkish.

Unfortunately, it occurred over night and we couldn't fix the time in spite of three attempts to do so.

After all, he could fix things around the house that she and Evelyn ignored.

It is difficult to fix the period with precision, as the judge (or duke) Gozbert is not known through other sources.

De Morgan's writings, however excellent, give little idea of the perspicuity and elegance of his viva voce expositions, which never failed to fix the attention of all who were worthy of hearing him.

I can fix it, the Grey God swore, his large body seated and hunched as he held his head.