Sentence Examples with the word fitfully

Yully slept fitfully and awoke before dawn, unable to rest with her troubled thoughts.

Cassie slept fitfully that night and woke in the morning with a start.

Shortly afterwards Clive returned to England in ill-health, but the war continued fitfully for many years.

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The Six Articles were only fitfully put in execution, especially in 1543 and 1546: all the plots against Cranmer failed; and before he died Henry was even considering the advisability of further steps in the religious reformation, apart from mere spoliation like the confiscation of the chantry lands.

He now became specially interested in the establishment of an Irish literary theatre; and he founded and conducted an occasional periodical (appearing fitfully at irregular intervals), called first Beltain and later Samhain, to expound its aims and preach his own views, the first number appearing in May 1899.

It shortened fitfully by eight seconds between 1790 and 1879; soon afterwards, restoration set in, and its exact length in 1903 was 2 d 20h 48' n 568, being only two seconds short of its original value.

Every since he came home from the hospital he slept fitfully and was hard to wake.

Carmen slept fitfully in a chair in the waiting room all night.

Urged by the duke of Argyll, Tennyson now turned his attention to the theme of the Holy Grail, though he progressed with it but fitfully and slowly.

Following 1680 came a great Indian revolt in New Mexico and Arizona, and thereafter the Moquis remained independent of Spanish and Christian domination, although visited fitfully by rival Jesuits and Franciscans.