Sentence Examples with the word fit in

Sarah's shoes wouldn't even fit in his place, and there is no point in them buying something else.

A strong argument in favour of the eleventh census, apart from its self-consistency, is that its results as a whole fit in with the subsequent state enumerations.

However, his professional attire somehow didn't fit in the shabby office.

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But, as has been already said, the scholars and theologians had less influence in the beginning of the English Reformation than the mere lay politicians, whose anti-clerical tendencies chanced to fit in with King Henrys convenience when he quarrelled with the papacy.

She was surprised to see three people within, none of whom looked like they fit in the refined, elegant spaces of the parlor.

While surprised to see him there, she was struck by how well Jake fit in with the other men.

But such a war does not fit in under any rule and is directly opposed to a well-known rule of tactics which is accepted as infallible.

She was like him: someone who didn't fit in anywhere she should.

Her shape was firm but lush and had fit in his arms with her shoulders settling between his when he'd held her outside of the house.

She simply enjoyed their pleasure and tried to fit in with it.