Sentence Examples with the word fist

Arnie tripped, the content of his fist flying free over the boulders to the cliff's edge.

Toby took her hand in one of his, with his other fist wrapped around a large marshmallow.

Josh swung at Alex, grazing his head with a fist as Alex ducked.

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The Knight of La Tour-Landry (1372) relates, by way of warning to his daughters, a tale of a lady who so irritated her husband by scolding him in company, that he struck her to the earth with his fist and kicked her in the face, breaking her nose.

A fist caught Jule in the mouth and a kick sent him sprawling.

Achilles thereupon slew Thersites with a blow of his fist (Quint.

Who is it that's starving us? shouted Denisov, hitting the table with the fist of his newly bled arm so violently that the table nearly broke down and the tumblers on it jumped about.

Warmth splattered her face as he continued to slam his fist into the hole.

He dodged her fist and laughed shortly.

She balled up a fist and looked at it, wondering how to hit him.