Sentence Examples with the word fisherman

Nevertheless, in the proper place we shall see that no knowing fisherman will ever turn up his nose at such a whale as this, however much he may shun blasted whales in general.

Hunter had interviewed the fisherman who thought he saw a body floating in the bay.

A flamingo (Phoeniconaias) visits Fisherman Lake, and there are a good many species of herons.

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Ah, the pickerel of Walden! when I see them lying on the ice, or in the well which the fisherman cuts in the ice, making a little hole to admit the water, I am always surprised by their rare beauty, as if they were fabulous fishes, they are so foreign to the streets, even to the woods, foreign as Arabia to our Concord life.

Diodorus records a barbarous attempt made by the Aradians, about 148 B.C. to destroy Marathus, which was frustrated by the pity and courage of an Aradian fisherman (xxxiii.

The oyster industry has passed from the hands of the fisherman into those of the oyster culturist.

Instead, I called fisherman Dan Brennan, figuring he might have arose with the dawn.

Now, this occasional inevitable sinking of the recently killed Sperm Whale is a very curious thing; nor has any fisherman yet adequately accounted for it.

They were finally driven ashore on the island of Seriphus, where they were picked up by a fisherman named Dictys.

When I strolled around the pond in misty weather I was sometimes amused by the primitive mode which some ruder fisherman had adopted.