Sentence Examples with the word firsthand

And I know firsthand how you take your duties.

He studied at Emmerich and Cologne, where the teaching of Peter Lombard led him, through Augustine and Chrysostom, to firsthand study of the Bible.

Other firsthand narratives of importance are the American officers' reports (Reports of Military Observers, General Staff, U.S.A.); Major v.

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Jonny had given orders that no one touched her, but she'd seen firsthand how well the vamps followed the Black God's directives.

Pouqueville, who spent no less than ten years as French General Consul at Iannina, had special facilities for obtaining firsthand information and although his observations and deductions seemed at times somewhat suspect to the British they were later recognized as being truest to the realities of the epoch.

But it is no longer possible to regard the Itinerarium as a firsthand narrative.

He saw firsthand how Rhyn.s destructive nature took its toll on those closest to him, and the half-breed had no sense of loyalty or duty to the Council.

He had seen firsthand what the folks from Philly did to Billie Wassermann.