Sentence Examples with the word first period

Its first period had passed: when the partisans themselves, amazed at their own boldness, feared every minute to be surrounded and captured by the French, and hid in the forests without unsaddling, hardly daring to dismount and always expecting to be pursued.

Other councils of the first period now recognized as ecumenical by the Church both East and West are Constantinople I.

Between these two groups stand a number of other Meccan suras, which in every respect mark the transition from the first period to the third.

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Although the artistic product of the first period of Latin literature which has reached us in a complete shape is limited to the comedies of Plautus and Terence, the influence may most appropriately be taken as marking the end of one period and the beginning of another.

Nevertheless, during its first period (1882-1887) the triple alliance failed to ensure cordiality between the contracting Powers.

During this first period of their dealings with India the aims of the British were purely those of traders, without any aspirations to military power or territorial aggrandizement; but in the period that followed, the gradual decay of the Mogul empire from within, and the consequent anarchy, forced the English to take up arms in their own defence, and triumphing over one enemy after another they found themselves at last in the place of the Moguls.

In the pieces of the first period the convulsive excitement of the Prophet often expresses itself with the utmost vehemence.

Taylor, History of the State of Ohio: First Period 1650-1787 (Cincinnati, 1854), are useful.

The sophistical movement was then, primarily, an attempt to provide a general or liberal education which should supplement the customary instruction in reading, writing, gymnastic and music. But, as the sophists of the first period chose for their instruments grammar, style, literature and oratory, while those of the second and third developments were professed rhetoricians, sophistry exercised an important influence upon literature.

The first period he spent in France, the latter chiefly in Gaeta, Benevento, Anagni and Venice.