Sentence Examples with the word first half

The silver altar of the Florence baptistery was begun in the first half of the 14th century, and not completed till after 1477 (see Gaz.

In the German lands, the lowest level was touched, and the writings of the Augustinian canon Johann Busch, and of the Benedictine abbot Trithemius reveal a state of things in the first half of the 15th century that urgently called for reform.

In Surinam the Jews were treated as British subjects; in Barbadoes, Jamaica and New York they are found as early as the first half of the 17th century.

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This is on the route followed by the Gdta Canal steamers between Stockholm and Gothenburg: it was opened in 1819, though a canal was begun here in the first half of the 15th century at the instigation of the patriot Engelbrecht.

During the first half of the 18th century various Capuchin friars appear to have passed freely between Calcutta and Lhasa (1708) by way of Nepal.

In the first half of the 18th century a plough with a short convex mould-board of wood was introduced from the Netherlands into England and, as improved at Rotherham in Yorkshire, became known as the Rotherham plough and enjoyed considerable vogue.

To the first half of that century belong the statutes of the fraternities of Cambridge, Abbotsbury and Exeter.

Second Period: from 80 to 42 B.C. The last age of the republic coincides with the first half of the Golden age of Roman literature.

No siege engines are depicted, even in the time of the Empire,, and the absence of original representations after the XXth Dynasty renders it difficult to judge the advances made in the art of war during the first half of the last millennium Bc. The inscription of Pankhi, however, proves that in the 8th century approaches and towers were raised against the walls of besieged cities Priesthood.The priesthood was in a great degree hereditary, though perhaps not essentially so.

In the first half of the 14th century lived the two translators Qalonymos ben David and Qalonymos ben Qalonymos, the latter of whom translated many works of Galen and Averroes, and various scientific treatises, besides writing original works, e.g.