Sentence Examples with the word first floor

The pair returned to the first floor where they located Janet O'Brien dusting the parlor.

Damian wasn't sure how someone going from the second to first floor had managed to get bloody enough to look like she crawled through a war zone.

He cleaned the kitchen, dusted the entire downstairs and, as the weather remained mild, even washed the first floor windows, hoping when and if Cynthia saw them it would not be in the sun.

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I wasn't relegated to the large first floor dormitory-style quarters behind the eating area.

The lowest of its three floors contains the Egyptian museum; on the first floor plaster casts of ancient, medieval and modern sculpture are found, while the second contains a cabinet of engravings.

The public area comprises an entrance hall with stairs leading to the first floor landing, living room, dining room and kitchen.

Jackson asked for the first floor to avoid a long elevator ride.

The three third floor rooms contained six ice climbers while Donald Ryland remained in the small first floor quarters.

The first floor overlooking the Schlossplatz is the Berlin residence of the emperor, and that square is embellished by a huge fountain (Neptuns-brunnen) by R.

Ryland suggested they carry her to his first floor room instead of trying to maneuver her upstairs.