Sentence Examples with the word first class

He was educated at Harrow and at Trinity College, Oxford, where he took a first class in literae humaniores in 1869.

The first class include such changes as the alcoholic fermentation of sugar solutions, the acetic acid fermentation of alcohol, the lactic acid fermentation of milk sugar, and the putrefaction of animal and vegetable nitrogenous matter.

The emir on his installation takes an oath of allegiance to the British Crown, and accepts the position of a chief of the first class under British rule.

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In cities of the first class the state law requires the election of a mayor, city clerk, city treasurer, police judge and councilmen; in those of the second class it requires the election of a mayor, police judge, city treasurer, councilmen, board of education, justices of the peace and constables; and in those of the third class it requires the election of a mayor, police judge and councilmen.

In the first class the special purpose of the forests, such as the protection of the plains from devastation by torrents, must come before any smaller interests.

The recipients eligible for the various classes are graded, from the first grade of the first class for reigning sovereigns down to the fifth class for merchants and manufacturers.

The first class comprehends those upon which his fame chiefly rests; for although he did not possess the genius of D'Anville, he may be regarded as the creator of modern Statistical Geography.

He was educated at Harrow and Christ Church, Oxford, where he obtained a first class in classics in 1822, and graduated M.A.

The first class hold (1) that oaths are forbidden by the gospel, (2) that capital punishment is not allowed to the civil power, (3) that any layman may consecrate the sacrament of the altar, and (4) that the Roman Church is not the Church of Christ.

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