Sentence Examples with the word firmness

The campaign which followed was a triumph for Selim, whose firmness and courage overcame the pusillanimity and insubordination of the Janissaries.

From its relative situation then, I should call this high hump the organ of firmness or indomitableness in the Sperm Whale.

But the firmness of the allied powers and their determination to uphold the conditions of the treaty compelled the king most reluctantly to submit to the inevitable.

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The coolness and firmness of Bernstorff saved the situation.

Unfortunately his firmness developed into obstinacy, and exhibited itself in continued confidence in officers who had proved to be failures, and in dislike of some of his ablest generals.

The quality of the sounds was to some extent also reproduced; but, judging from the results of later telephone investigation, it is highly probable that this was due, not to the varying duration, but to the varying firmness of the contact.

The firmness of character which he displayed caused him to be recommended in 1782 for the navy by one of the inspectors of the school; but a new inspector, who was appointed in 1783, frustrated this plan.

Dean surprised himself with the firmness of his answer.

But her energy and firmness overcame all dangers.

Khalid, Harun's former tutor, who showed such firmness and boldness that Hadi cast him into prison and resolved on his death.