Sentence Examples with the word fingernail

He flicked a fingernail against his thumb in response, commanding her complete attention.

He pulled out a fingernail clipper and began clipping his nails, sending little white crescents flying about the room.

Beneath the anterior parts of the radula where it emerges from the caecum are a pair of cartilages, and attached to these a number of special muscles by which the radula is moved backwards and forwards to act as a rasp. The secretion of the radula at the closed end of the caecum is continuous, so that it is constantly growing forward as fast as its exposed anterior portion is worn away by use, just as a fingernail is pushed forward by constant growth at its posterior end, and is worn away or has to be cut short from time to time at its outer end.

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Katie didn.t have fingernail polish on when he last saw her.

He slid a pointed fingernail down her arm.

Dean exclaimed, breaking a fingernail on a knot.

He slid a fingernail across the pad of his thumb.

Donning her bathing suit, she emerged from the bathroom and handed the bottle of fingernail polish to Keaton.