Sentence Examples with the word finger

Assuming that a double-reined bridle is used, the third finger of the left hand should be first inserted between the snaffle reins; then the little, third and second fingers should be between the curb reins, the two outside reins being the curb, and the two inside ones the snaffle.

I found a finger bone and had it authenticated as human.

She crunched up her face, then used her index finger to wipe Elisabeth's thumb.

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Tammy jumped from her seat beside the pool and pointed a finger excitedly at a horse, which was grazing by the fence close to the house.

He brought his index finger to his lips.

Then they rose to fight the duel, and I followed the swift thrusts and parries of the swords and the waverings of poor Bob as his courage oozed out at his finger ends.

Mainsa (flesh), matsya (fish), madya (wine), maithuna (sexual union), and mudra (mystical finger signs) - probably the most degrading cult ever practised under the pretext of religious worship.

These lines isolate certain swellings or monticuli, the largest of which is (I) the ball of the thumb, called the mountain of Venus; (2) that at the base of the index finger is the mountain of Jupiter; (3) at the root of the middle finger is the mountain of Saturn, while those at the bases of ring and little finger are respectively the mountains of the (4) Sun and (5) of Mercury.

Cynthia pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose with an index finger and cleared her throat of that nauseating lump.

He exhaled a long breath and tapped his index finger on his lips.