Sentence Examples with the word fined

He was continually being fined for allowing his pigs to stray in the street, selling bad meat, letting his house to doubtful characters for illegal purposes, and generally infringing the by-laws respecting weights and measures (extracts from the Ipswich records, printed in the Athenaeum, 1900, i.

All matters affecting the community are discussed in the majlis or assembly, to which any tribesman has access; here, too, are brought the tribesmen's causes; both sides plead and judgment is given impartially, the loser is fined so many head of small cattle or camels, which he must pay or go into exile.

He was prosecuted for riot in connexion with the surrender of the charter of Nottingham in 1682, being tried before Chief Justice Jeffreys, who fined him Soo marks.

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Meanwhile the civil tribunal at Vienne had ordered (17th June) that he be fined and burned alive; the sentence of the ecclesiastical tribunal at Vienne was delayed till 23rd December.

He must have died before 246, in which year his sister Claudia was fined for publicly expressing a wish that her brother Publius could rise from the grave to lose a second fleet and thereby diminish the number of the people.

Soon after the Restoration (1660) the meetings of nonconformists were continually disturbed and preachers were fined or imprisoned.

A man who killed another in a quarrel must swear he did not do so intentionally, and was then only fined according to the rank of the deceased.

As a result parents were fined or imprisoned for withdrawing their children from religious instruction.

In 1677 Muggleton was tried at the Old Bailey, convicted of blasphemy, and fined Soo.

It was closed in two days, and the teachers fined before the court of peers.