Sentence Examples with the word fine

The monument erected to his memory in the parish church of Gunning Hill, Berks, bears a fine inscription by Canning.

The town of Gouda is laid out in a fine open manner and, like other Dutch towns, is intersected by numerous canals.

In place of its ancient fortifications Angouleme is encircled by boulevards known as the Remparts, from which fine views may be obtained in all directions.

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His fine eyes lit up with a thoughtful, kindly, and unaccustomed brightness, but he was looking not at his sister but over her head toward the darkness of the open doorway.

There is a Leviathanic Museum, they tell me, in Hull, England, one of the whaling ports of that country, where they have some fine specimens of fin-backs and other whales.

The work of Camillo Golgi (Pavia, 1885 and onwards) on the minute structure of the nervous system has led to great alteration of doctrine in neural physi nerve cells, that is to say, the fine nerve fibres - since all nerve fibres are nerve cell branches, and all nerve cell branches are nerve fibres - which form a close felt-work in the nervous centres, there combined into a network actually continuous throughout.

The adjustment of the water by means of the sluices is a delicate operation when there is little water and also when there is much; in the latter case the fine earth may be washed away from some parts of the meadow; in the former case, by attempting too much with a limited water current, one may permit the languid streams to deposit their valuable suspended matters instead of carrying them forward to enrich the soil.

A very fine freshwater fish is the Murray cod, which sometimes weighs Too lb; and the golden perch, found in the same river, has rare beauty of colour.

The city is primarily a residential suburb of New York City, and has some fine colonial residences, and several beautiful residential parks, notably Rochelle, Neptune, and Beechmont Parks.

Tola, weight), the name current in European usage for the Chinese Jiang or ounce, the Jiang of fine uncoined silver being the monetary unit throughout the Chinese empire.