Sentence Examples with the word findings

Medical research findings can be distributed electronically for peer review, and feedback can be instant.

Every one of its own findings is a decretum - except five, among the sacramental chapters, each of which is headed doctrina.

We were content to allow him this small title of uniqueness knowing it was killing him to be so close to a scientific miracle with hands tied and mouth gagged against announcing his findings to the world.

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The findings of this work will be widely disseminated.

His duties are described in detail by the king's regulations, but may be summed up as consisting of seeing that the charges are in order, pointing out any informalities or defects in the charges or in the constitution of the court, seeing that any witness required by prosecutor or prisoner is summoned, keeping the minutes of the proceedings, advising on matters of law which arise at any time after the warrant for the courtmartial is issued, drawing up the findings and sentence, and forwarding the minutes when completed to the admiralty.

Taken together, those findings suggest that almost all economic growth in the last 120-plus years was from technology.

They exercise their acumen in multiplying difficulties; but all such questionable doctrines are presently re-established from a different point of view as truths of faith or findings of church authority.

He's not only seen Howie's flying saucer but he had proof, pictures with little green men, and an owner's manual to their ship, and, by his definition a self-centered jerk with most of his brain somewhere on an Interstate highway or a motor home grill stands in his way from announcing his findings and waiting for a call from the Nobel committee.

The legislative outcome of the findings of this royal commission was the Agricultural Holdings Act 1883, a measure which continued in force in its entirety till 1901, when a new act came into operation.

It was my job to disseminate research findings about colorectal cancer.