Sentence Examples with the word finder

Directing the finder to the comet, he has at once in the field of view all available comparison stars.

The first stone was laid in April 1563; and finder the king's personal inspection the work rapidly advanced.

It was distinguished by certain marks, and when the old Apis died a new one was sought; the finder was rewarded, and the bull underwent four months' education at Nilopolis.

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Having selected the most suitable one he directs the axis of the finder to the estimated middle point between the comet and the star, turns the finder-micrometer in position angle until the images of comet and star lie symmetrically between the parallel position wires, and then turns the micrometer screw (which moves the distance-wires symmetrically from the centre in opposite directions) till one wire bisects the comet and the other the star.

The tube V, on the contrary, is attached to the cradle, and merely forms a support for the finder Q, the handles at f and p, and the moving ring P. The latter gives quick motion in position angle; the handles at p clamp and give slow motion in position angle, those at f clamp and give slow motion in right ascension and declination.

Improved communications between range - finder and gun, range and FIG.

The reading of the positioncircle of the finder is then the reading to which the position-circle of the heliometer should be set, and from the readings of the micrometerscrew he finds, by a convenient table, the proper settings of the heliometer scales in distance.

By tendering coin of the time of Decius at a baker's shop he roused suspicion, and was taken before the authorities as a dishonest finder of hidden treasure.