Sentence Examples with the word find

The shockwaves faded, and she stood in the middle of an intersection, stretching out with her Guardian senses to find some kind of life.

After 1600 B.C. there is very close intercourse with Egypt, and Aegean things find their way to all coasts of the Mediterranean (see below).

We find it in possession of a treaty with Rome, similar to that of the Camertes Umbri; and in 167 B.C. it was used as a place of safe custody for the Illyrian King Gentius and his sons (Livy xlv.

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Passing over the locomotor activity of zoospores (Pythium, Peronospora, Saprolegnia) we often find spores held under tension in sporangia (Pilobolus) or in asci (Peziza) until ripe, and then forcibly shot out by the sudden rupture of the sporangial wall under the pressure of liquid behind - mechanism comparable to that of a pop-gun, if we suppose air replaced by watery sap. Even a single conidium, held tense to the last moment by the elastic cell-wall, may be thus shot forward by a spurt of liquid under pressure in the hypha abstricting it (e.g.

After an interval of uncertain duration we find in Exodus a numerous people subjected to rigorous oppression.

I'll lend you one of my night gowns and find some clothes for you to wear in the morning.

His touch is heavy, and these novels show no dramatic power, which accounts for his failure as a playwright, but their influence was as great as their followers were many, and they still find readers.

Visually exploring the interior of the stone cellar, she was unable to find any sign of windows in the wall.

Per day, but only find employment, on an average, 230 days in the year.

But long before that date the Order had begun to find that its true work lay on the eastern frontiers of Germany.