Sentence Examples with the word financier

He was disliked by the barons, who nicknamed him Flambard in reference to his talents as a mischief-maker; but he acquired the reputation of an acute financier and appears to have played an important part in the compilation of the Domesday survey.

JOHN SHERMAN (1823-1900), American financier and statesman, a younger brother of General W.

Vuitry, Etudes sur le regime financier de la France, vols.

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Grey proved himself a poor financier and a tactless party leader.

In the following year he published a pamphlet on the currency system, which confirmed his reputation as the ablest financier of his time; but his free-trade principles did not accord with those of his party.

EDWARD HENRY HARRIMAN (1848-1909), American financier and railroad magnate, son of the Rev. Orlando Harriman, rector of St George's Episcopal church, Hempstead, L.I., was born at Hempstead on the 25th of February 1848.

ACHILLE FOULD (1800-1867), French financier and politician, was born at Paris on the 17th of November 1800.

It established the chancellor of the exchequer as the paramount financier of his day, and it was only the first of a long series of similar performances, different, of course, in detail, but alike in their bold outlines and brilliant handling.

Her father was the famous financier Necker, her mother Suzanne Curchod, almost equally famous as the early love of Gibbon, as the wife of Necker himself, and as the mistress of one of the most popular salons of Paris.

Nothing could be more false than the common opinion that as a financier his sole expedient was to multiply the emissions of assignats.