Sentence Examples with the word finals

Between finals and her job at the hospital, Adrienne rarely had time to think about it much, though.

But finals are coming up, and we're likely to be distracted...

The next change took place in the central provinces; the ra-tags were altered into cerebral dentals, and the ya-tags became c. Later on the superscribed letters and finals d and s disappeared, except in the east and west.

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Morris, having passed his finals in the preceding term, was entered as a pupil at the office of George Edmund Street, the well-known architect; and on New Year's Day the first number of The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine appeared.

I know you need to get back for your finals tomorrow.

It was at this stage that the language spread in Lahul and Spiti, where the superscribed letters were silent, the d and g finals were hardly heard, and as, os, us were ai, oi, ui.

The vowel sounds ai, oi, ui have become e, o, u; and a, o, u before the finals d and n are now et, o, ii.