Sentence Examples with the word finality

At present it cannot be said that finality has been reached on the subject of the best method, giving a good return of latex with a minimum of damage to the tree.

The investigations of Japanese botanists are adding constantly to the above number, and it is not likely that finality will be reached for some time.

The 16th-century methods were specially fitted for highly developed music when words were few and embodied ideas of such important emotional significance or finality that they could be constantly repeated without losing force.

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The finality of destiny seems to be unmistakably expressed (Matt.

On the other hand, if we assume unity of authorship, it seems impossible to arrive at finality on the chronological relations of these two works.

Upon independent lines the finality of Christianity and its superiority to the Old Testament.

In this work, the product, according to Lange, of a fanatical enthusiasm for humanity, he sought to demonstrate the indestructibility of matter and force, and the finality of physical force.

It is the pitfall of physical science, immersed as its students are apt to be in problems dealing with tangible facts in the world of experience, that there is a tendency among them to claim a superior status of objective reality and finality for the laws to which their data are found to conform.

Bach contrives to give this anti-climax a definite artistic value; all the more from the fact that his Crucifixus and Resurrexit, and the contrast between them, are among the most sublime and directly impressive things in all music. To the end of his Resurrexit chorus he appends an orchestral ritornello, summing up the material of the chorus in the most formal possible way, and thereby utterly destroying all sense of finality as a member of a large group, while at the same time not in the least impairing the force and contrast of the whole - that contrast having ineffaceably asserted itself at the moment when it occurred.

It was manifestly one of the disciplines in which a position of finality was attainable.