Sentence Examples with the word filtration

Heidenhain, on the other hand, rejected entirely the filtration view of lymph-formation, believing that the passage of lymph across the capillary wall is a true secretion brought about by the secretory function of the endothelial plates.

The city owns and operates its watersupply system (with an excellent filtration plant installed in 1904) and its gas and electric lighting plants.

A new field of inquiry was, however, opened up when, by filtration a bacterium-free toxic fluid was obtained which produced the important symptoms of the disease-in the case of diphtheria by P. P. E.

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The tertiary amine is then distilled off, the residual products separated by filtration and finally hydrolysed by a caustic alkali.

In connexion with the water works there is a good filtration plant.

The city owns a fine water-supply and a filtration plant covering 20 acres, with a capacity of 30,000,000 gallons daily and storage reservoirs with a capacity of 2 2 7,000,000 gallons.

A lately discovered effect of sand filtration is a matter of great importance in connexion with the subject of aqueducts.

Crude acetone may be purified by converting it into the crystalline sodium bisulphite compound, which is separated by filtration and then distilled with sodium carbonate.

The separation of organic substances by filtration under high pressure through a colloid membrane, gelatine supported in the pores of a porcelain filter being usually employed.

This dam has been in satisfactory use since 1885, and the slight filtration through the masonry which occurred at first is said to have almost entirely ceased.