Sentence Examples with the word filth

Provision is also made for enforcing the removal of accumulations of manure, dung, soil or filth from any premises in an urban district, and for the periodical removal of manure or other refuse from mews, stables or other premises.

You shouldn't be here at all with all the filth you look like you've rolled in.

The mission arrived at this point on the 7th of July 1903, and here it remained till the filth of December.

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Thus the housing of the poor has been improved, though this difficult problem is yet far from solution; not the large towns only, but the larger villages also, are cleansed and drained; food has been submitted to inspection by skilled officers; water supplies have been undertaken on a vast scale; personal cleanliness has been encouraged, and with wonderful success efforts have been made to bring civilized Europe back from the effects of a long wave of Oriental asceticism, which in its neglect and contempt of the body led men to regard filth even as a virtue, to its pristine cleanliness under the Greeks and Romans.

Luxemburg was declared by the Treaty of London of the filth of May 1867 (art.

This ceremony took place at Aix on the filth of September 813.

They attach, however, supreme value to the realities of which the observances are reminders or types - on the Baptism which is more than putting away the filth of the flesh, and on the vital union with Christ which is behind any outward ceremony.

Some attempt has been made to improve matters by macadamizing one of the principal thoroughfares, but it will be the labour of a Hercules to cleanse this vast city from the accumulated filth of ages of neglect.

The first treaty of this kind was concluded on the filth of December 1834 with a Griqua chief named Andries Waterboer.

The story runs that food was passed through the bars to the child, who survived in spite of the accumulated filth of his surroundings.