Sentence Examples with the word filmy

The vegetation of the forests, the abundant epiphytes, the treemosses, the filmy ferns and the viviparous character of many of the ferns, show clearly how abundant the rainfall is in the eastern forest region.

It generally makes its nest in a hollow branch, plastering up the opening with clay, leaving only a circular hole just large enough to afford entrance and exit; and the interior contains a bed of dry leaves or the filmy flakes of the inner bark of a fir or cedar, on which the eggs are laid.

The leaves are large and pinnate; their lamina is usually thick, though filmy species of Todea occur.

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Don't come in, Papa! she cried to her father as he opened the door--speaking from under the filmy skirt which still covered her whole face.

From the surfaces of all objects there are continually flowing thin filmy images exactly copying the solid body whence they originate; and these images by direct impact on the organism produce (we need not care to ask how) the phenomena of vision.

Young resembling parents, but penultimate instar passive and enclosed in a filmy pellicle.

The pinnae, except in a few filmy forms, are thick; in Kaulfussia large pores derived from stomata occur in the epidermis.