Sentence Examples with the word filling

The regular army, at the close of the wars in 1898, had 26,000 officers and about 400 generals, but a law was afterwards made to reduce their numbers by filling only one out of two death vacancies, with a view to reach a peace establishment of 2 marshals, 25 lieuten.ant-generals, 50 divisional- and 140 brigadier-generals, and 15,000 officers.

By way of expiation for their crime the Danaides were condemned to the endless task of filling with water a vessel which had no bottom.

They appeared in the conference hall, whose seats were filling with vamps eager to see Talon's show.

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In the account of Helen last year it was stated that she knew nothing about death, or the burial of the body; yet on entering a cemetery for the first time in her life, she showed signs of emotion--her eyes actually filling with tears.

Dr. Blanchard went up to Fred's room while the police followed Dean around the downstairs, filling out their report.

Those who were thus excluded from the tribes and centuries had no vote, were incapable of filling Roman magistracies and could not serve in the army.

Her eyes were filling with tears and she didn't want him to see.

But all this is quite different with a South Sea Sperm Whaler; which in a voyage of four years perhaps, after completely filling her hold with oil, does not, perhaps, consume fifty days in the business of boiling out; and in the state that it is casked, the oil is nearly scentless.

Was practically destroyed, many having surrendered when they found the enemy at their backs, and others having joined the masses of supply service troops which were now filling the roads.

Frederick's ideal of civilization was derived in a large measure from Provence, where a beautiful culture had prematurely bloomed, filling southern Europe with the perfume of poetry and gentle living.