Sentence Examples with the word fill in

A child in fosterage was reared and educated suitably for the position it was destined to fill in life.

This is necessary not only to make up the required hotbeds in the first place, but also to fill in the pathways between the frames, wherever it is considered advisable to maintain the heat within the frames at a certain point.

Clarissa could fill in until someone could be hired.

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When a woman says something like that, she's waiting for you to fill in the details.

I got a call early this morning to fill in for a while.

A third Thule expedition started in 1920 under the leadership of Lauge Koch, who proposed to explore the interior of Peary Land and to fill in certain gaps in the chart of the N.W.

With her attention locked on Claire, I had time to fill in both women with what I'd learned.