Sentence Examples with the word file

If peace were made, the armies would return home and the directors would have to face the exasperation of the rank and file who had lost their livelihood, as well as the ambition of generals who could in a moment brush them aside.

In the second file from the right flank, beside which the carriage passed the company, a blue- eyed soldier involuntarily attracted notice.

Then Hunter added, They wanted to see the file on your pal Jeffrey Byrne as well.

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A tissue mother-cell of the xylem may, in the most advanced types of Dicotyledons, give rise to(I) a tracheid; (2) a segment of a vessel; (3) a xylem-fibre; or (4) a vertical file of xylem-parenchyma cells.

A stack of file folders was neatly arranged on one side, while a half-dozen pens, all facing in the same direction, were perfectly centered on the desk blotter.

He claims he never hurt anyone seriously and the case file seems to bear him out.

Among the manufactures of Alliance are structural iron, steel castings, pressed sheet steel, gun carriages, boilers, travelling cranes, pipe organs, street-car indicators, sashes and doors, and account registers and other material for file and cabinet-bookkeeping.

She followed his instructions and traded the file for two prescriptions to drugs she'd never heard of.

She'd never spoken of them to anyone, not since being granted access to a file only a handful of people in the country had access to.

Her file --two inches thick --was yet more proof that the world that seemed foreign to her really wasn't.