Sentence Examples with the word fiir

Students will find the chief materials in the following collections: Archiv fiir Litteratur and Kirchengeschichte des Mittelalters (ed.

Place, it appears so if the space occupied by Russia be taken into account, only 3300 species of phanerogams and ferns 2 Bibliography of Meteorology: Memoirs of the Central Physical Observatory; Repertorium fiir Meteorologie and Meteorological Sbornik, published by the same body; Veselovsky, Climate of Russia (Russian); H.

Gorres, Berliner Studien fiir classische Philologie, x.

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One of the last literary undertakings in which he took part was the establishment of the Berlin Jahrbiicher fiir wissenschaftliche Kritih, in which he assisted Edward Gans and Varnhagen von Ense.

It must suffice, therefore, to deal rather broadly with the subject, and to refer for fuller details to the special encyclopaedias, viz.: Hamburger's RealEncyc. fiir Bibel and Talmud, and the very elaborate articles in the Jewish Encyclopedia.

Denis, and L'Art du moyen age (various dates); Karch, Die Rdthselbilder an der Broncethiire zu Augsburg (1869); Krug, Entwiirfe fiir Gold-, Silber-, and Bronze-Arbeiten; Linas, Orfevrerie merovingienne (1864), and Orfevrerie du XIII me siecle (1856); Bordeaux, Serrurerie du moyen age (1858); Didron, Manuel des oeuvres de bronze et d'orfevrerie du moyen age (1859); Du Sommerard, Arts au moyen age (1838-1846), and Musee de Cluny (1852); Rico y Sinobas, Trabajos de metales (1871); Bock, Die Goldschmiedekunst des Mittelalters (1855), and Kleinodien des heil.-romischen Reiches; Jouy, Les gemmes et les joyaux (1865); Texier, Dictionnaire d'orfevrerie (1857); Virgil Solis, Designs for Goldand Silversmiths (1512), (facsimile reproduction, 1862); Molinier, Les Bronzes de la Renaissance (1886); Servant, Les bronzes d'art (1880); Wilhelm Bode, Italian Bronze Statuettes of the Renaissance (Eng.

Kattenbusch in Herzog-Hauck's Realencyklopadie fiir protestantische Theologie (1904), containing full bibliographical details; J.

See Westphal, Geschichte der Stadt Metz (1875-1877); Georg Lang, Metz and seine Umgebungen (1883), the Statistisch-topographisches Handbuch fiir Lothringen; Albers, Geschichte der Stadt Metz (Metz, 1902); G.

But he is best known by his Apologie oder Schutzschrift fiir die verniinftigen Verehrer Gottes (carefully kept back during his lifetime), from which, after his death, Lessing published certain chapters under the title of the Wolfenbiittel Fragments (see Lessing).

Philemon, ein Vorbild fiir die 1 History of the New Testament Times (1895), iv.