Sentence Examples with the word figured

She'd always known there were deep, dangerous levels of potential with Gabriel, if he ever figured out whether he wanted her or not.

I figured when he found out I ruined his life, he'd kill me anyway.

The last variety is both the most ancient and the most commonly found, and is the sacred barley of antiquity, ears of which are frequently represented plaited in the hair of the goddess Ceres, besides being figured on ancient coins.

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Maybe he figured she had learned her lesson.

Ubasti was one of many feline goddesses, figured with the head of a lioness.

In all these rebellions the religious difficulty figured largely, though the increasing fiscal burdens were undoubtedly grievous and the peasants had their particular grievances besides.

On the other hand, maybe Mertz figured she'd make a great decoy.

I figured you walked home.

There was something else in her gaze, the knowledge that she'd figured out this Deidre wasn't the same one she was yesterday.

I figured his sister started it because she was jealous of him.